Cut Your Heating and Cooling Costs with
Our Thermal Imaging Home Inspection!

Infrared Technology with Everyday Applications

At Dream Home Inspections we use top of the line FLIR Systems thermal imaging to detect air tightness and energy inefficiencies in your home. Heat loss can account for up to 50% of total energy consumption in a building that does not have proper seals. Our thermal imaging home inspection will find these leaks and provide you with actionable feedback to improve your houses efficiency.

Key Benefits of Thermal Imaging Home Inspection

Improved Energy Efficiency

Poor home design and construction has led to homes being built with higher rates of air leakage than necessary. Without the use of thermal imaging, detecting these leaks in all parts of your home can't be incredibly difficult to detect.

Save Your Money

Getting a home inspection today you will help you save on your monthly heating bills for years to come. A small investment in the short run can equate to thousands of dollars saved for you and your family. Spend your money doing what you love, not fixing your home.

Save The Environment

When you get a home inspection from Dream Home Inspections you are also doing your part to save the environment. When you improve the energy efficiency of your home, you reduce energy consumption and in turn lower your carbon footprint.

How does our Thermal Imaging Home Inspection Works?

Your Home Inspector is CCHI (Canadian Certified Home Inspector) as well as a fully licensed electrician. Every component of your home will be documented with descriptions and photos in our detailed, yet easy to read Home Inspection report.

We provide our clients with their reports only 24 hours after the inspection is completed! We will also provide you with professional recommendations on items that need to be addressed in the immediate or long term.

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We can have your home inspection complete in less than 24 hours.