Experience Peace of Mind with Our Home Wellness Inspection

A small investment today can save you thousands in the long run.

Key Benefits

Budget For Future

Peace of Mind

Protect Home Value

Avoid Costly Repairs

Why a Home Wellness Inspection?

A Home Wellness Inspection is practically the same as your regular 3 in 1 Home Inspection. It will include a home inspection, advanced electrical inspection and thermal imaging to check for heat loss. The main difference is our focus shifts from a buying or selling mindset, to a maintenance one. This is designed to identify issues that may affect the longevity of your home.

Our easy to read home inspection report will provide you with professional advice on major projects that may need attention, minor repairs, and upgrades that can help avoid future problems. This allows you to properly budget for your future and have peace of mind.

We recommend getting your Home Wellness Inspection every 3-5 years. With our harsh Canadian winters and hot, humid summers, changes to your home can happen faster than you may expect. It’s always better to be safe, rather than sorry.

What is included in your
Home Wellness Inspection?

Your Home Inspector is CCHI (Canadian Certified Home Inspector) as well as a fully licensed electrician. Every component of your home will be documented with descriptions and photos in our detailed, yet easy to read Home Inspection report 24 hours after the inspection is completed. We will also provide you with professional recommendations on items that need to be addressed in the immediate or long term. During your inspection, we will cover the following items:

Your home inspection can take anywhere from 2-3 hours depending on the size of the home and weather conditions.

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We can have your home inspection complete in less than 24 hours.